is a non profit Accelerator dedicated to transforming the world by creating a bridge between funded and successful entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs in the worlds' poorest regions. SeedingX operates as an evergreen venture capital fund, providing $500 micro-investments to entrepreneurs. Each sponsoring entrepreneur is paired with an individual entrepreneur recipient to connect with on social media and share their journeys together. 


Our Mission

Transforming the world through entrepreneurship. We believe that by giving people entrepreneurs the training, mentorship and capital they need to create a business, we can together transform communities, help people get out of poverty and create wealth and prosperity.  We also believe in the power of co-creation and story telling. We ask each sponsoring donor, to donate $500 to help an individual entrepreneur startup their business. We then connect through them social media so they can support each other and share their stories with the world. 

SeedingX Structure: The Accelerator for the worlds' most in need. Entrepreneurs pitch SeedingX associates their business plan. Promising ideas get chosen for micro-investments and mentorship through the SeedingX accelerator. Investments are made in the form of $500 non interest baring loans to be repaid within 2 years. SeedingX also receives 10% equity in the new venture. The loans once repaid and equity returns are recycled back into the community to then invest in more entrepreneurs in the future, creating a virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile we training the next generation of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs who together will create an ecosystem and future in the regions where we invest. 

Social Media & Reporting: Every recipient entrepreneur agrees to provide social media updates every two weeks on their progress and to share their story with their sponsor and with the global community. Through our collective voices we can spread the word that we can transform the world through entrepreneurship. 

Our Goals

  • To help save 1 life every minute. 
  • To fund 1,000,000 businesses 
  • To train 1,000,000 entrepreneurs 
  • To create 10,000,000 jobs 

Our Founders

Richard Hecker is a entrepreneur from New York City. He is the CEO of Traction + Scale LLC, a holding company that invests in businesses that transform their industries. Previously, he operated one of the largest social networks in the world and cofounded NYC Entrepreneur Week. Richard has lectured at Columbia, NYU, LIM and Rutgers on entrepreneurship and writes for the Wall Street Journal Accelerators program. Richard's goal in life is to help transform the world by bringing out the inner entrepreneur in everyone. 

Fredrick Odol is an entrepreneur in Nairobi, Kenya. He had a rough start in life losing his parents at a young age and living on the streets. Dedicated to self improvement, he forged his way through education and founded Tirinso Outreach Foundation, helping people with HIV live better lives and providing entrepreneurship training for the worlds' most in need. Fredrick has dedicated his life to creating a better life for those around him. Fredrick is also the founder of Network for youth, Kenya, Curator of TEDxWandani & Co-organizer TEDxSiaya. He also won the Gates scholarship to attend TEDActive in  Whistler Canada in 2014. 

    SeedingX forever changed my life and that of my community. Their investments allowed me to startup a business bringing clean milk to my community, saving countless lives.
    — Joseph, Joseph's Milk